InVictus Submits Proposal for City of Tampa Rome Yard Redevelopment

InVictus Development, in partnership with ADC Communities II and The Bedford Group, both multifamily development companies out of Los Angeles, has submitted an proposal for redevelopment of an almost 18-acre utility operations site near the Hillsborough River known as Rome Yard.

The Development design team was a partnership of a number of local companies including the Tampa office of Stantec, the lead land planner and civil engineer. The participating architects are the Bessolo Design Group from St. Petersburg along with Sylla International from Tampa.

Part of the focus on selecting team members was the opportunity to include local woman and minority companies who were the best in their area of expertise to contribute to the design effort. Out of the 19 development team members, 12 were woman or minority owned companies. The City of Tampa had some specific goals within the RFP, which the team addressed within the response.

InVictus Development, LLC, a woman-owned and City of Tampa SLBE business, will be the lead developer, if selected. Paula McDonald Rhodes has been in multifamily development since 2005 along with her partner, Rick Cavalieri, who has been a multifamily developer since 2004.

Of the 19 InVictus Team members who have already committed to this project – many of whom actively participated in creating the vision and crafting this proposal – 11 are Tampa companies, 2 are St. Petersburg companies, and 2 are Orlando area companies. 2 of the remaining companies have local Tampa offices.